SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation implementation is key to any website coming up on Google. When someone types a query into the search box you want your website to come up, and ideally, you want your website to rank high. In other words, you want people to find you and click through to your site. With millions of websites on the world wide web and ever-changing SEO algorithms and guidelines, carrying out epic SEO has never been more competitive.

Being great at Search Engine Optimisation takes time, patience and a lot of hard work. There aren’t any quick methods and as tempted as you may be, we strongly advise against using manipulative techniques in an attempt to rank high and fast. Trust us, it’s just not worth it.

Below we have shared a range of articles based around SEO to help you get a better understanding of the in-depth and complex topic. We will NEVER advise you to use any black hat techniques. Why? Because we believe that all SEO that is carried out should be ethical. Black hat techniques are shady, unethical and above all can lead to you being penalised. This can be incredibly damaging and particularly bad for those who rely on their sites.

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This image shows 8 wooden tile letters which read out the words "SEO Myths" These letters have been placed on a rainbow pastel background which features crescent moons and sparkles. Also in the image are some tiny pink flowers in the top right corner.
3 Huge SEO Myths That You Really Shouldn’t Listen To

When it comes to search engine optimisation the internet is full of fantastic information. However,…

This is an image of a grey coloured wooden background. On the background is a white phone displaying the Canny Social website, a magnifying class, some small pink flowers and cream and gold confetti.
What Exactly Is SEO? And Why Is It So Important?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can sound like a super-complicated topic if you’re not aware…