Social Media

Social Media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. In other words, you need to be on social if you’re serious about your brand or business. By being on social media you can keep your customers, clients and audience updated with exciting content. This content can be used to pique the interest of people which in turn drives these individuals to your business, website or bricks and mortar store. Social media is great to use alongside blogging and your SEO strategy. It’s the perfect starting point to really getting your business out there and known online. Above all, it’s perfect for connecting with your audience on a frequent basis.

With various social media platforms available such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, using the right platform for your business is key. Once you’ve decided on which site or app is best for you, you can really get underway with creating fun, exciting and engaging content. By creating incredible posts and sharing fantastic images you can boost your business or brand. Because of this, it allows you to stand out from the crowd. It also allows you to prove that you’re a key player in your industry.

Below you will find a whole range of insightful content. We’ve created this content to help you in your social journey. From all the latest social media news to helpful advice, we’ve got you covered. However, you feel like you still need a little more help, we are here. Maybe you are after some one-to-one help or advice? Perhaps you’re just completely overwhelmed? We can help. Pop an email over to or head over to our contact page and fill in the get in touch form. We’d love to have a chat with you and see where we can help.

This image consists of a baby pink, mint green and white striped wrapping paper background with gold zigzag patterns. On top of the background is a white lap tray on top that has been topped with a piece of pale pink glitter effect card. Upon the tray is a white mug filled with tea, a white smart phone, cream coloured faux flowers in a glass jar and a pile of money made up of a £10 note and loose change including 10p pieces, 5p pieces, 2p pieces and 1p pieces. This image is featured in the blog post: "3 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Buy Followers Or Page Likes" which can be found at
3 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Buy Followers Or Page Likes

Last month I discussed the very controversial follow/unfollow marketing method. This method is used by…

This image shows a rainbow cloud print background. Upon it are gold and gold glitter confetti pieces and rainbow effect wooden letters which spell out the words: "Follow" and "Unfollow" This image features on the blog post "Is The Follow/Unfollow Method Worth Doing? No! It's Unethical" on Canny Social
Is The Follow/Unfollow Method Worth Doing? No! It’s Unethical!

One thing we HATE at Canny Social is shady marketing tactics. What’s one of the…

This is an image of a white, grey and gold marble background. Upon the background is a white laptop, white phone with Canny Social's Twitter account displayed, a notebook which reads "Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life" along side this is a cup of tea housed in a white mug which reads "become a social media guru. Next to this mug is a single pink flower.
6 Reasons Why Your Twitter Engagement Really Sucks

Twitter is one of my favourite platforms in the world. Sure at times, it’s riddled…

This is an image of a rainbow haired troll Funko POP figure from the original trolls doll range that was popular in the 80s and 90s.
What Do Trolls Gain From Trolling? Why Do They Do It?

Trolls are rife on Social Media. Once upon a time I’d read a mean tweet…

This is an image of a white, gold and grey marble background. Upon said background is a small yellow bird chick like figure. Underneath the figure are 8 wooden letter tiles which spell out the word "Unfollow"
3 Reasons Why Unfollowing On Twitter Is Perfectly Fine

One of my all-time favourite social media sites is of course Twitter. I love everything…