This photo features a pale pastel purple and blue galaxy style wrapping paper background. On top of the background are various items including a white candle, glitter and patterned pieces of card, faux flowers varying in size, style and colour, a wooden chopping board, a pink and white marble style hexagon coaster, two rolls of wrapping paper (the first features black and white stripes with flowers desing. The second design is a pale cream, almost white shade with small gold hearts printed all over) In the image there's also a wooden board which resembles a tree stump and a plastic transparent divider box that houses several small craft style pieces such as square wooden letters, yellow speckled and mulitcoloured glitter mini foam egg shapes as well as blue, purple and pink confetti stars. This image appears in the blog post "How To Create Amazing Blog and Social Media Photos" which can be read at
How To Create Amazing Website, Blog and Social Media Photos

PLEASE NOTE THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS. When it comes to writing and sharing excellent…

This photo contains a marble background, gold glitter confetti, a white laptop, a cream coloured peony flower and the pink coloured book titled Any Ideas? By Rob Eastaway. This photo is used on Canny Social for the blog post titled: 3 Ways To Fight Content Block & Find Epic Inspiration.
3 Ways To Fight Content Block & Find Epic Inspiration

When it comes to creating epic online content one thing that is very likely to…

This is an image of a grey coloured wooden background. On the background is a white phone displaying the Canny Social website, a magnifying class, some small pink flowers and cream and gold confetti.
What Exactly Is SEO? And Why Is It So Important?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can sound like a super-complicated topic if you’re not aware…